A cyclical framework for mandala painting

The mandala painting method taught here at Aletheia Therapy and Mandala follows the four phases of natural cycles, each phase with specific qualities and energies. As a cycle, the metho follows nature, and, like nature, heals.
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Bondi beach at dusk with platform at the front

Mandala painting and the healing power of Beauty

Can Beauty support us in our healing journeys? Can we learn to see Beauty around us? And what can the work with mandalas teach us about it?
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The secret to finding the right therapist

Let’s face it, looking for a therapist can be quite overwhelming. You’re not in a great place to start with and the decision to reach out for help may already be a very vulnerable one for you. So how do you pick a therapist that is likely to be the right fit for you?
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Why it’s so hard to seek therapy?

You feel there’s something not quite right with you: maybe you've been feeling down for some time… or you notice unhealthy patterns in your relationships… you know therapy could help so why is it so hard to starting seeing a therapist?
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Why mandalas are good for you

Why is mandala art is so incredibly fascinating and profound? Why are mandalas so eye-catching and soothing? Why choosing to create mandalas instead of other forms of art? Here are three reasons why are mandalas good for you.
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mental health care package

Mental health care package – Part 2

Are you worried about your mental health during the Coronavirus lockdown? We’re back for Part 2 of this care package of 10 ways to support you in maintaining a sense of mental wellbeing in these difficult weeks.
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