Learn, heal and grow through developing your self- awareness and creativity 

"The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself​"

Deepak Chopra​

Buried deep inside us is the person we are truly meant to be. But too many of us don’t get to uncover our true, authentic self or realise our full potential, due to the limiting beliefs, trauma, creativity blocks or other issues that can consciously or subconsciously hold us back.

Here at Aletheia Therapy and Mandala, we take you through a process of discovery, where you uncover parts of yourself that you may not be aware of and that could be holding you back or causing issues in your life so you can live a more creative and conscious life.

Aletheia (pronounced A-lee-thea)

Meaning: Uncovering that which is hidden to reveal its true essence.

How We Help

We help you in two different ways, through holistic counselling and psychotherapy and by unlocking your creativity through the ancient art of mandalas.

aletheia therapy

Aletheia Therapy

Aletheia Therapy supports individuals who carry an inner burden and feel like their life is not aligned with who they are. It is for those who seek better mental wellbeing, greater harmony in their relationships and more self-awareness.

aletheia mandala

Aletheia Mandala

Aletheia Mandala uses the ancient art of mandalas, circular drawings and paintings present in many cultures around the world, to access and unlock the innate creativity that can be found in every individual through workshops and retreats.

Ameeta Piazzi

meet ameeta

Ameeta Piazzi is the Founder of Aletheia Therapy and Mandala and a holistic counsellor, psychotherapist and mandala painting teacher who is passionate about helping others live their lives as creatively and consciously as possible.

Thank you again for such a lovely workshop. I want to thank you for your talent and kind and caring heart. You hold a lovely space for people. There is so much more going on than making a simple painting!! I love the combination of creativity and spirituality and I am finding that the two are inseparable in all aspects of life...if we are open. You really inspired me this weekend, as did the openness of the group energy.

Sonja Radvila
Yoga teacher

I had the opportunity to take a mandala painting and meditation weekend course with Ameeta in Ireland. It was a wonderful experience that is still fresh in my mind, some years later. Ameeta teaches with a deep understanding and great knowledge, but with a light touch, letting us discover our own way in our creative explorations. It was a fun, inspiring and relaxing experience that I would love to repeat, given the opportunity.

Anke Klitzing

Thank you Ameeta for your beautiful presence, warmth, loving care and gentle yet strong holding through the time we've been working together. I enjoy our sessions and I feel supported, heard and witnessed by you. I appreciate your genuine curiosity and invitations to stay with and look more closely. I come away with things to reflect on or to action and bits that unfold between sessions that support my peace, growth and expansion. Thank you so much and I look forward to our continuing relationship.

Therapy client

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